About the director

Khinuu Nefer is a professional West African/Caribbean Dancer and the Artistic Director of Afrique Ngozi Dance & Drum Inc. Khinuu began dancing at the age of 10 studying contemporary dance.

Khinuu originally from Atlanta moved to Florida in 2014. Upon arriving to Florida she realized the lack of West African Dance classes in Palm Beach .
Established in 2016 Khinnu founded the longest running and only weekly West African Dance Class in Palm Beach County. She has invited many Master Drummers and Dance teachers to assist in creating a space free of judgement for all to learn and love Traditional West African Dance and Drum.
Khinuu is heavily involved in the community and offers performances at many events and festivals all over South Florida. Her most accomplished moment in her dance career was when she had the opportunity to work alongside Tony Award winning director Tim Fath and choreographed for Miami Children’s Theatre the Lion Kign Jr.
Today Khinuu  is the Director of Dance Studies at Forrest Hill Community High School where she primarily focuses on Traditional West African Dance. She  continues her weekly West African Dance and Drum classes in LakeWorth. She is dedicated to stay on top of her own training and is the Assistant Director of BamiDele Dance of African Arts an adult West African Dance Company she trains weekly with her mentor Narsha Cummings. She also attends conferences to enhance her professional development as a dancer. 
In 2018  Khinuu  implemented a Children’s African Performing Art’s Company to her program and enjoys working with the children. Adding another notch to her belt she has picked up producing Khinuu celebrates Kwanzaa with an annual Production that has reached the attention of the news media and prominent spectators of her community. Khinuu is an emerging creative and a pillar in the African Dance Community through her efforts to preserve the traditional arts of Africa and the Caribbean. 

“I’m so happy to be able to share my love for the African Arts with my community. I will forever be a humble student and will dedicate all my time to the preservation of the ancient movements and sounds of Africa.”

– Khinuu Nefer