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Established 2016 Afrique Ngozi Dance and Drum Inc. mission is to preserve the West African Arts and Culture through traditional dance, drum, and song. We offer a year round programs including weekly West African Dance classes, youth performing arts programs, community performances, and an annual Kwanzaa Celebration Production. Our slogan, “Where Cardio Meets Culture”, is the ideal balance between preserving the ancient movements of West Africa and a healthy lifestyle through dance. There is something for every student to take away from our program.

Afrique Ngozi Dance


november, 2020

Afrique Ngozi Kwanzaa Model


Kwanzaa is a celebration of the African diasporra that lasts one week. The celebration honors African heritage in African-American culture and is observed from December 26 to January 1. Afrique Ngozi Dance and Drum celebrates Kwanzaa annually with a production. Stay tuned for this year’s festivities! Check out our gallery from previous celebrations!

Afrique Ngozi African Dance

Come and take a West African Dance Class with us or schedule a demo session for our youth West African Performing Arts Program

Afrique Ngozi African Dance

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Youth Programs

Afrique Ngozi Dance and Drum offers a West African/Caribbean Performing Arts program for youth 5-15 years old. Dance students will get to explore traditional West African and Caribbean folkloric dance styles, African arts and crafts, cultural arts field trips, and performance opportunities. To schedule your free demo, submit your information using the contact form below.

West African Dance Experience

Dancers will learn traditional West African Dance movements, technique & history of dances.

West African Drumming

Dancers will understand the importance of the African Drumming rhythms and how it relates with West African Dance. Dancers will be able to identify several African instrents, recognize various breaks and play traditional rhythms of dances learned.

Haitian Folklore Experience

Hatian Folklore dancing mixes African style with tradition. Hatian dance is deeply connected to community and movements are full of emotion. Dancers will learn about Haiti’s rich cultural legacy through dance.

Our Pricing

Master/Specialty Workshops

$ 15/hr

west african dance classes


$ 10/hr

West African Drum Classes


$ 15/hr

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